Kidazzler – Why You Should Join Today!

Kidazzler is the new kid's resource that parents (like you and me!) are building. The way Kidazzler is set up to be made by parents for parents is a genius idea! And since there is a financial incentive it is bound to have many resources that would have...

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Organize your Life with Google Calendar

Isn't it hard sometimes keeping track of everything going on in your life? From kids activities, to do lists, appointments, work, school, etc.; it’s a lot to keep track of for anyone. Which is why you should use Google Calendar to help you be more productive and...

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20 Screen-Free Ways to Keep 2-5 Year Olds Busy Indoors

Have you run out of screen-free ideas to keep your kids entertained inside when it’s too cold to play outside? During the winter or on cold, rainy days throughout the year, it can be hard to keep children busy indoors. Recently, we had an internet outage...

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Incorporating Learning into Your Child’s Daily Routine

I'm sure as a parent you want your child to have the best education possible. Whether you plan to send your child to school or homeschool, you don’t have to wait till they are older, YOU can give them a head start in their education right now! And the best part! You...

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10 Inexpensive Ways For Moms to Get Back Their Energy

I don't know about you, but ever since I was pregnant with my first child I've felt exhausted a lot of the time. Though if you have small children, you probably can relate to that feeling. Then, after my youngest stopped nursing at night, I felt like I...

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Why You Should Include Quiet Time in Your Child’s Day

Does your child get grouchy in the evening, but doesn't really need a nap anymore? Or maybe it's you who needs a break to recharge? Moms need a break and it's good for children to learn to entertain themselves quietly. Why Alone time is good for everyone,...

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Why You Should Let Your Child Help with Chores

How many times have you told your toddler to go play when they are getting in your way, but they genuinely want to help you with whatever you are doing? Many times toddlers want to help their parents, but their parents are too busy and not willing to take...

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