About Me


Welcome! I’m sure if you’re reading my blog you would be interested to know more about me.

There’s really not much exciting about my life.

I was raised, in Idaho, by two wonderful parents with my 3 younger siblings.  We were taught to work hard and be responsible people.

Most of the time, we had quite the assortment of pets; llamas, dogs, cats, ducks, geese, hamsters, and many more. But I really wanted a horse, too. I was really excited when one day my dad heard about a BLM mustang adoption event near us. We went to look at the horses that weekend and I got to pick one out to adopt. I chose a two-year-old dark bay mare, who had been rounded up only three weeks before. And that’s how my hobby, riding and training horses began by gentling a scared, wild horse.

When I was 18, I married the love of my life and we moved to North Dakota for a couple months that winter. And then the next fall, our oldest son was born. It was hard at first, since he had to spend two weeks in the hospital because he was born six weeks early. But we were very blessed because he was a big, healthy baby for his age.

About a year and a half later, when my oldest was 17 months old, he got a little brother. He was in no hurry to be born and was a week late, unlike his older brother.

And for now, the story continues on as I raise my two little boys and work to keep my home running smoothly. And sometimes it can be difficult but knowing that my job as a SAHM is important and my husband and children need me gives me meaning and a purpose.

Now that you know my story, here are some facts about me :


  • For now, I’m a stay at home mom. I may not have a job outside the home, but I keep everything running smoothly at home, care for my children, cook nutritious meals, run errands and do the shopping, clean the house. I’m so thankful that I’m able to be home to raise my children.
  • I probably spend too much time on social media and Pinterest, but when I’m looking through either one I’m searching for events to attend, children’s activities, new ideas for my home, and new recipes to add some variety to my menu.
  • Order and organization is very important to me whether in my schedule, home, garden, and life in general
  • I was homeschooled since the third grade.
  • My hobbies are anything and everything to do with horses and smartphone photography. There’s no need to have a fancy camera to take great pictures, especially since most smartphones have pretty good cameras already.
  • I’m an introvert and my favorite ways to recharge are working out while listening to music, riding my horse, and reading while the kids are napping.
  • Quality is important to me. In the past, I would usually buy what was cheapest, but I’ve learned it’s better to buy quality even if it costs more in the beginning, especially things that I want to last for years.
  • My favorite food is potatoes. I know it seems simple, but they are delicious most any way they are prepared: mashed, coconut potatoes, fries, baked, soup
    , hash browns, ect.
  • My favorite drink is definitely mango nectar! Mangoes are delicious and they bring back good memories of being at grandpa and grandma’s house as a child.
  • What is my favorite treat? Definitely chocolate! 🙂

Now that you’ve heard my story know a little about me, I would love to know more about you and how I can help you, topics that you would like to read, etc. You can get in touch with me at crystalyn@crystalynsevy.com or through the contact form below.


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