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I’m sure as a parent you want your child to have the best education possible. Whether you plan to send your child to school or homeschool, you don’t have to wait till they are older, YOU can give them a head start in their education right now!

And the best part! You don’t need a degree or even previous experience to be able to teach your child.

Children are natural learners, they are constantly learning from everything around them. Life is a big adventure. As babies and toddlers, they learn to walk and talk by watching and listening and then mimicking what they’ve seen and heard. Which is why it is super important that as parents we set a good example.

You are probably already teaching your child manners and how to interact with people and do activities. So why not add learning about counting, letters, colors, etc into your daily routine?

How to Get Started

Look for opportunities to talk about and involve your child in whatever you are doing.  It doesn’t matter whether your child is a newborn or a preschooler, hearing and participating in conversations is good for language development and helping with simple tasks is good for motor skill development.

There are many simple ways to do this. I got a great idea from a mom I saw in the grocery store recently. Her little boy had a piece of paper and a pencil and she would tell him what she was putting in the cart to buy so he could write it down on the paper. Of course, it was mostly scribbles, but he was trying his best and he was learning the names of everything they were buying.

It’s easy to find ways to incorporate counting, reading, and learning about new things even when you are doing the most ordinary everyday tasks.  

Be creative! Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Count out loud while measuring ingredients in the kitchen.
  • Talk about directions, left and right, and point out signs and interesting vehicles you see as you’re driving.
  • Name colors as you sort laundry or pick out clothes for your child to wear.
  • Discuss plants, animals, airplanes, helicopters, etc. when you see them outside.
  • Read or listen to books and talk about them.
  • Name body parts when you help them get dressed.
  • Show them the time on the clock every time you say what time it is.
  • Read interesting books.

Most little children learn far more by listening, watching and doing than from school books and worksheets. I am amazed at how much my boys learn just by listening even when they are doing something else and don’t appear to be paying attention at all. So don’t get discouraged if your child has a hard time focusing, they are still learning.

Some Important Things to Remember

Your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation are important because your child will have a harder time learning correct English if that’s not what they are used to hearing. So, invest in yourself and your child and expand your vocabulary and sharpen up on grammar and pronunciation. Don’t be afraid to use large words, children will learn them faster if they hear them in conversation.

Don’t push. Keep your teaching as natural as possible for the best results.

Keep it Positive. Learning should be Fun!

Turning Misbehavior into Teaching Moments

As much as we would like our children to behave perfectly all the time, sometimes they may need discipline.  When your child misbehaves, try to turn the situation into a positive teaching moment. Make sure, if your child says or does something they shouldn’t have, stop and talk to them, explain why they shouldn’t and always give them examples of what you would like them to do instead.  Children have an easier time not doing something if they have something good to do instead.

While there are plenty of “no”s in life, focus on the “do”s as much as possible. For example, if your child is yelling, tell them to whisper or talk quietly.

Final Things to Remember

  • Choose one or two ideas above to try today.
  • Always keep learning fun!

There are so many ways to incorporate fun learning into everything we do with our children. So be creative, the opportunities are endless! And if you have any other great ideas I haven’t thought of already, I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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