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Kidazzler - One Place for Everything Kids

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Kidazzler is the new kid’s resource that parents (like you and me!) are building. The way Kidazzler is set up to be made by parents for parents is a genius idea! And since there is a financial incentive it is bound to have many resources that would have been hard to find previously.

With Kidazzler’s shared revenue model, you can also have the chance to earn passive income from advertising revenue from the businesses you add to Kidazzler. When businesses pay Kidazzler, Kidazzler pays you.

This is such an amazing opportunity that I wanted to share it with you, so you can benefit also!

Why you Should Join and Contribute to Kidazzler

  • Your contributions will help other parents find local resources.
  • Kidazzler has an app which makes it easy to do from your phone.
  • You may earn some passive income.
  • It’s easy and doesn’t take much time.
  • Completely free!

Kidazzler is being built in two stages:

Phase 1

Kidazzler is currently in phase 1, which only lasts until March of 2019, so hurry and join if you want to be a part of this amazing opportunity. Phase 1 is the building stage; parents like you and me are adding as many kid-related businesses as possible. Right now everyone can join for free and add business listings, including a business name, phone number, and address.

Phase 2

In March of 2019, phase 2 will begin. At this point, Kidazzler’s sales team will take over and reach out to businesses and find out if they want to advertise on Kidazzler and inform them about their business listing on Kidazzler. Businesses will also have the opportunity to customize their listing with coupons, deals, discounts, promotions, events, etc.  

If a business you locked in chooses to advertise, you will receive a portion of the advertising revenues!

This is my current earning potential on Kidazzler!

In phase 2, search will also be available, so that parents can start using Kidazzler to find local resources. At this point, you will also be able to see your Actual and Potential Earnings from the contributions you made in phase 1.

How to Sign Up and Get Started

Sign up at Kidazzler.com using my invite code: bdcd3f.

Note: Kidazzler membership in phase 1 is by invitation only.

After you sign up, download Kidazzler’s app, if you want to use your phone or tablet. Otherwise, login to Kidazzler.com and get started adding businesses and inviting your friends so they can benefit from this great opportunity also.

Find the Download Buttons in the right bottom corner of the page.

To add a business, click on “Add a Business” and put in the business phone number, name, and address. If you know them, you can also add an email and website. When you put in the phone number, if the business has already been locked in it will tell you and you can try another one. At this time you can lock in only 45 businesses, this way others have a chance to benefit also.

If you want to share Kidazzler with your friends, click on “Invite Friends.” Then choose how you would like to share your invite code and link. There are plenty of options to choose from, including Facebook, Twitter, email, text message, etc.

What Businesses Should You Add?

Anything kid related obviously. But if you need some ideas, here you go!

Medical and Dental: Pediatricians, Daycares, Dentists, Orthodontists, Specialists, Chiropractors, Holistic Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists

Child Care and School: Private Schools, Preschool, Afterschool Activities, Summer Camps, Day Care, Nannies, Babysitters

Stores: Clothing Stores, Toy Stores, Kid-related Thrift Stores

Restaurants: Child-Friendly Restaurants, Frozen Yogurt Shop, Ice Cream Shop

Hotels: Child-Friendly Hotels

Parties: Birthday Party Vendors, Pony Rides, Characters for Parties, Clowns, Party Venues, Bubble Rentals, Petting Zoo

Lessons: Swimming Lessons, Music Lessons, Dancing Lessons, Sports

Other Attractions: Museums, Zoos, Skiing, Skating Rinks, Bowling Alleys, Etc.

Helpful Tips

  • Pay attention to ads for kid-related business and add them, they will be more likely to pay for advertising. Check magazines, expos, phone books, blogs, flyers, billboards, social media ads, etc.
  • Try phone numbers until you find one that isn’t locked in yet. Don’t worry about the remaining information until you find a phone number that hasn’t been locked in.
  • Join the Kidazzler Elite Inner Circle Facebook Group for the latest updates and additional help.

Stay Up To Date

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I’m really excited to use Kidazzler when it is finished and to be apart of the building process!

Click Here to Join Kidazzler Today

Hurry, you only have til the end of February to get started!

If you have any questions or need any help be sure to ask in the comments below. I’m always happy to help!

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