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Must Have Money Saving and Earning Apps for Moms and everyone else, too!

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Don’t you just love how useful a smartphone is? It’s like having an alarm clock, calendar, notepad, flashlight, etc. all in one relatively small device. And, now your smartphone can help you save and make money, too, if you take full advantage of it by using these apps. You may even be able to make enough money for date night and more.

As moms, we are usually busy, whether we’re working or taking care of our kids. Each stage is different, but I’m sure you can find a few minutes here and there to use these apps to make or save a little extra money using your smartphone. Or if you don’t have a smartphone, some of these apps also have websites you can use on your computer instead.

I have tried all of these apps, some have saved me more money than others but I have benefited from them all. I personally try to take advantage of as many of these apps as possible in my spare time or when I’m waiting somewhere with nothing to do.

Rebate Apps

Ibotta is my favorite shopping rebate app. It has lots to choose from and has the best rebates for fresh produce and generic brands. And if you work together with your friends you can earn even more. If you want to download Ibotta and join my team plus get $10 just for signing up, click on the button below.

Click Here to Download Ibotta!

Checkout 51
Checkout 51 is another great rebate app for grocery shopping. It usually has several rebates each week for fresh produce and lots of other products, too. Plus any grocery shopping receipt over $60 gives you an entry to win several hundred dollars!

Click Here to Download Checkout 51!

Fetch Rewards
In my opinion, Fetch Rewards is the easiest grocery rebate app to use. All you have to do is scan your receipts and then you will receive points based on which brands you purchased. No need to select or buy specific products. Although, if you want, Fetch Rewards does offer a just a few special offers. Also, there is a planning section, with a shopping list, recipe inspiration, and recipe saving box. If you want to try Fetch Rewards use my referral code, F6RJH, to get started with 2000 points.

Click Here to Download Fetch Rewards!

Saving Star
Saving Star offers rebates on groceries and a percentage back on brands included in the Always On Rewards program. I haven’t used it much because it has very few products I use, but check it out, Saving Star may have some products that you buy and use.

Click Here to Download Saving Star!

If you shop online this is the app for you! Get a percentage back on each purchase from 2000 stores. Plus certain stores have double cash back and if you link your cards you can also get cash back in store, too! Just remember to shop through Ebates and each quarter you will get a check in the mail. And if you sign up by clicking the button below, you will get $10 after you spend $25 through Ebates!

Click Here to Download Ebates!

It’s so easy to save money with Dosh. All you need to do is link your credit or debit cards and when you make a purchase at certain stores, restaurants, or hotels you will automatically receive a percentage back. Plus you get $5 just for signing up and linking your first card if you click the button below.

Click Here to Download Dosh!


Checkout 51


Money Saving Apps

Price Cruncher
The Price Cruncher is a shopping list, price book, and discount and price comparison calculator all combined in one easy-to-use app for your smartphone. I use it to keep track of sales and to check if I’ve found a good deal. The shopping list is also really useful and even calculates the total cost expected for each shopping trip.

Click Here to Download Price Cruncher!

Flipp Weekly
With Flipp, there is no need to pay for a newspaper so you can look through the weekly circulars to find the best deal in your area. Just look at them all in one place on your phone and if you are looking for a certain item there is a handy search tool. Plus you can easily clip coupons and find additional rebates on Flipp, too!

Click Here to Download Flipp!

Store and Restaurant Apps
Don’t forget about apps from your favorite stores and restaurants! Many times they will have additional sales, coupons, and give rewards for using them.

Gas Buddy
With Gas Buddy, you can save money on fuel by knowing which gas stations have the cheapest prices. Plus you can use the Gas Price predictor to decide whether you should fill up your tank today or wait until later. Gas Buddy can also keep track of your driving (if you allow it access) and gives helpful suggestions on how to drive to be more fuel efficient.

Click Here to Download Gas Buddy!


Earning Apps

Receipt Hog
Want to earn a little extra money from your receipts before you get rid of them? With Receipt Hog you can do just that! Just take a picture of your receipts and answer a question and in exchange, you will receive coins or sweepstakes entries. The coins can then be exchanged for PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, or magazine subscriptions. And as you continue to submit receipts, you will level up and receive more rewards and chances to play Hog Slots for even more rewards. You can also get extra coins by taking occasional surveys and linking your Amazon account. And my favorite part: never lose receipts again! If you need to return something just show the picture of the receipt on your phone.

Click Here to Download Receipt Hog!

Receipt Pal
Receipt Pal is very similar to Receipt Hog. Though unlike Receipt Hog, you can use your online receipts for points, too! And to make it even better, each week you will get one sweepstakes entry (each one a possibility of winning $250) for each approved receipt from that week.

Click Here to Download Receipt Pal!

Swagbucks has lots to offer, from making money trying out services or apps to saving money with coupons and online rebates. The Swagbucks point system makes the most sense of all the apps I’ve used; each swagbuck is worth $.01. Once you have accumulated at least $3 worth of swagbucks you can easily cash them out for PayPal money or gift cards, including Amazon gift cards.

Ways to earn and save:

  • Play games
  • Enter sweepstakes
  • Try out services and apps
  • Shop and get some awesome deals
  • Watch trailers
  • Take surveys
  • Find swag codes on Facebook
  • Use Swagbucks Local
  • Play SwagIQ
  • Refer Friends

Click Here to Sign Up with Swagbucks!

Inbox Dollars
Inbox Dollars is similar to Swagbucks, but with a few different ways to make money and since there is no point system, so it is always easy to know how much money you have earned or saved. Click the button below to get a $5 signup bonus.

Ways to earn and save:

  • Open and click on emails
  • Search the internet
  • Watch TV
  • Take surveys
  • Complete cash offers
  • Shop
  • Play games
  • Refer friends

Click Here to Download Inbox Dollars!

AppLike and FitPlay
Do you like to play games on your phone? If so these apps are perfect for you. All you have to do is download their suggested apps from the play store and play the games. The more you play the games the more points you will be rewarded. When you have accumulated lots of points, it’s really easy to cash them in for PayPal money or gift cards.

Click Here to Download AppLike!     Click Here to Download FitPlay!

Do you like trying new things? If so Feature-Points is perfect for you! Earn points by downloading and trying free apps. Then trade in your points for rewards such as cash, gift cards, and paid apps. Plus if you have friends you think would enjoy the app, you can refer them to Feature-Points and receive a percentage of their earnings, too.

Click Here to Download Feature-Points!

Did you know you can earn rewards watching your favorite shows or movies? With Viggle you can earn Perk Points by watching live tv or streaming your favorites. When you have enough Perk Points you can exchange them for gift cards, prepaid debit cards, or prizes. Or you can use your Perk Points to enter Viggle’s sweepstakes and contests.

How to get extra Perk Points:

  • Watch bonus shows
  • Play Viggle Trivia
  • Participate in Quests or Streaks
  • Find bonus point opportunities on social media

Click Here to Download Viggle!

Shop and complete tasks to earn kicks which you can exchange for gift cards, of which there is a wide selection to choose from including Amazon. If you use my link below to sign up you will receive 250 kicks when you complete your first walk-in or scan within a week after joining.

Ways to earn kicks:

  • Walk into certain stores
  • Submit receipts
  • Complete tasks inside stores, such as scanning barcodes
  • Earn kicks for every dollar spent at partner stores with a linked card
  • Visit certain online stores
  • View online offers
  • Watch videos
  • Use ShopKick to write out your grocery list to discover additional kick offers

Click Here to Download ShopKick!

Panel App
Would you like to be able to influence product decisions made by brands? The Panel App rewards you with points for expressing your opinions through surveys. These points can then be traded in for gift cards or sweepstakes entries. Plus you will receive additional points for referring your friends.

Click Here to Download the Panel App!

With the Fiverr Marketplace, you can earn some extra money on the side, doing just about anything. And if you use the Fiverr app you may be able to work mostly from your phone!

Click Here to Sign Up with Fiverr!

Insurance Apps
Make sure you check to see if your insurance company has an app! Some have rewards programs for safe driving! Mine does and I get a percentage off my bill each month!



Saving and Investing Apps

Not sure how to get started investing? Stash makes it easy to automatically save and invest and all you need is $5 to get started today. Your first month is free and after that, it only costs $1 a month. Stash also has a newsletter; subscribe to learn more about investing, saving, and money.

Click Here to Download Stash!

With Acorns, you can start investing automatically and never even miss the money because the app rounds up every transaction. This way you only invest less than a dollar each time or if you would prefer you can set up automatic set amount investments. You can also shop with Found Money brands using your linked cards and they will give you more money to invest. All you need to start investing is $5 or if you click the button below Acorns will GIVE you $5 to get started!

Click Here to Download Acorns!

Robinhood offers free stock trading and a more hands-on investing approach compared to other investing apps. I prefer the other two investing apps, but if you want more control over your investments Robinhood is the way to go. Robinhood also has a website if you would rather use your computer.

Click Here to Download Robinhood!

Referrals – With most of these apps you can also earn some extra money referring your friends or if you are a blogger or a social media influencer you can refer your followers.

I love hearing from my readers, so if you know of another app I should try or have any questions please let me know in the comments below!

Must Have Money Saving and Earning Apps for Moms and Everyone Else, too!

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