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Get Organized with Google Calendar

Isn’t it hard sometimes keeping track of everything going on in your life? From kids activities, to do lists, appointments, work, school, etc.; it’s a lot to keep track of for anyone. Which is why you should use Google Calendar to help you be more productive and manage your schedule better.

Google Calendar is perfect for keeping scheduling simple and everything in one place.

Anytime I am invited or schedule something myself I immediately add it to my calendar. If I hear about an event I might possibly be interested in I add that too. Basically, if there’s anything you don’t want to forget, just add it to your Google Calendar.

If you make it a habit to immediately make a note on your calendar, you will never have to worry about losing your notes or forgetting an important appointment.

Plus if you add time, address, and make a note of other important details, all the information you need is easy to find when you need it most.

There are other calendar apps out there, but these are some of the reasons why I prefer Google Calendar:

  • It’s free!
  • It syncs across all devices, which makes it easy to use on both your computer or your smartphone.
  • It can be used with both android and apple devices.
  • It’s easy to share your calendar with family.
  • Its connected with Google Tasks, a to-do list.

What to Use Google Calendar For

When you’re thinking of things you should add to your calendar, birthdays, and appointments are the most obvious things most people add to their calendars. But why not add all these others to simplify your life and make better use of your time. This way everything is in the same place.

  • Remembering birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.
  • Scheduling playdates, meetings, appointments, doctor
  • Keeping track of free or discounted days at restaurants, museums, ect.
  • Saving event details in case you want to attend
  • Starting new habits
  • Keeping track of sales and coupons
  • Making and following through with goals
  • Recording notes linked to a specific day or time

Getting Started with Google Calendar

First, if you don’t have one already, you need to sign up for a google email account.

Sign Up Here

Then login to your account and search for “google calendar” online or download the google calendar app on your smartphone or other devices.

Now you’re ready to get started organizing your time and not worrying about being forgetful ever again!

How to Add Events

First, click the +Create button. Give your event a title that you will remember later. Next set the time and date for your event and select which calendar you want your event saved to.

Add an Event to Google Calendar

If you want to add more details click the “more options” button. Under more options, you can change the time zone, whether the event repeats itself, a location, when you want a reminder about your event, the color of the event on your calendar. 

The color feature is very useful to separate categories and be able to know which category at a glance.

It’s very helpful to add a location, if you need directions. Then you can easily use Google Maps when you need it, just by clicking on the address.

If you want to invite other people, maybe for a family get together, a coffee date, or a meeting, click add guests and type in their email address/es. Below their email address you can also choose whether they can modify event, invite other, and/or see guest list. The invites will either show up in their calendar or if they don’t use google calendar they will get an email.

Next choose the color you want the event to be on your calendar. Lastly you can add any notes or attachments. Then click Save.

Add More Details to a Google Calendar Event

Useful Features You Should Know About

Add Weather Info

Weather information on your calendar is helpful for planning outdoor events or just a quick look when you’re already looking at your calendar.

It used to be one of Google Calendar’s features, but since it isn’t anymore I found another way to add it.

Here’s how: In the URL below, replace 00000 with your zip code. Then, click the three dots beside add calendar and select from URL. Paste URL and click “add calendar”. You’re done easy as that!


Add Weather to Google Calendar

Change View Options

Once you have quite a few events and reminders on your calendar, it’s easier to see everything if you change the view to week, day, or schedule.

To do this, look above your calendar and click the arrow in the view box to the right of the settings button. Then choose how you want to view your calendar.

Or an even easier way is to use Google calendar’s shortcut keys which are listed to the right of the viewing options.

Change Google Calendar View

Create Multiple Calendars

Having multiple calendars makes it really easy to separate your calendar into categories such as: work, home, kids, etc. Then you can view all your calendars at once or only one at a time.

To create a new calendar all you have to do is click the dots beside “Add calendar” and select “New Calendar”. Then give your calendar a name and a description if you want. And click “Create calendar”. After it saves it will return to the same page and you can add another calendar if you want.

Now you can add any future events to your new calendar!

Create a New Calendar in Google Calendar

Add Holiday, Sports, and Moon Calendars

Google has made it really easy to add religious or regional holidays, sports events, and phases of the moon to your calendar.

All you have to do is click the dots beside “Add calendar” and choose “Browse calendars of interest”. Then just check the box beside each calendar you would like added. Easy as that!

Add Calendars of Interest to Google Calendar


If you need to find an event quickly use the search bar above your calendar. To open it, click on the search icon beside settings. You can search by word for any event, task, or reminder on your calendar.

Search Google Calendar

Import Your Facebook Calendar

If you’re like me and save a lot of Facebook events, get invites, and keep track of birthdays on Facebook. Now you can transfer that all to your Google calendar so it’s all in one place.

Here’s how to do it: First, go to Facebook and click on events. Scroll down until you find the box that says, “Upcoming Events and Birthdays,” it should be on the lower right-hand side. Click on either one and Facebook will download a file you can upload to your google calendar.

Then go to your Google calendar and click the dots beside “Add calendar” and select Import. Select the file from your computer (it will probably be in your downloads file) and click “Import”.

And now you have all your birthdays and events in one place!

Import Facebook Calendar to Google Calendar

Automatically Add Events from Gmail

If you frequently receive emails with invites to events, this is a very useful feature.

All you have to do is click the settings button above your calendar and select “Settings,” then scroll down and check the box below “Events from Gmail.”

Now you won’t have to manually add events from your email to your calendar anymore!

Automatically Add Events From Gmail to Google Calendar

Add Google Tasks to Your Calendar

Google Tasks is basically a to-do list with due dates, reminders, and notes. You can add these tasks to your calendar if you want. Tasks are especially helpful if you have your own business, to set deadlines and reminders for your to-do list. You could also use it as a to-do list for home or running errands.

When you’re ready to add your first task, click on the blue Tasks button along the right side of your calendar. Your Task bar will expand and you can type in your task just below where it says “Add a task.” If you want to add more details click on the three dots beside the task.

Then when the task is completed click the circle beside it. All done, easy as that!

Add Tasks to Google Calendar

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you ever want to see a list of Google Calendar’s keyboard shortcuts, just press “?“. Then up will pop a list of every keyboard shortcut available.

Sharing Your Calendar

With Google Calendar you have complete control whether you want to share your calendar with others or not. You can share whole calendars or just specific events. You choose!

To keep everyone on the same schedule, you can give family members access to your family calendar, so everyone knows what’s scheduled. Or you could make individual calendars for each family member and share those with whoever needs to know what’s going on.

If you want to share a calendar, click on the three dots beside the calendar you want to share. Then select “settings and sharing” and scroll down to “share with specific people.” Click on “Add people” and add their email address.

Share Google Calendar

On the same settings page for your calendar, you can generate a link to share with others. Or if you have a website or blog you can also embed your calendar so others can see and use it.

Now that you know how to use Google Calendar, be sure to make it a habit to add anything you want to remember to your calendar. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below in the comments.

Find out how to use Google Calendar to be less forgetful and more productive. #organization #timemanagement #momlife

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